LEMON pre-elementary school welcomes children to prepare them for the fundamental learnings which are : reading, writing, counting and citizenship.

Its principal objectives are socialization, language, numbers and graphic gesture.

For LEMON, the first goal of pre-elementary school is the child's fulfillment : giving him or her a first taste of school, adding meaning to learning, giving him or her confidence and the right to make mistakes. 

Each child must evolve on their own rhythm. LEMON is a school for all and adapted to all. It offers a welcoming place with adequate space (specific rooms for visual arts, game, library, etc).

All pre-elementary classes profit from a regular teacher, an employee qualified for that specific age, an specialist assistant in English, an assistant in sports, and other teachers for some projects or specific learning. 



The best of LEMON

- School starting for children from ages 2 and a half.

- Child's rhythm respected

- English everyday

- Thematic weeks (water, history, carnival...), cooking, gardening, cultural or natural excursions

- Initiation to computer-based tools

- Exhibitions, spectacles, movies, collective art, collective projects along the course of the year with the entire school

- Empowerment of the child in the class and school

- Weekly work interactions with the other classes

- Autonomous work, monthly challenges, educational material made by the pupils...

Nous Contacter : 

LEMON - école

5 rue Robert Schuman
77330 Ozoir la Ferrière

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N° SIRET: 814 437 703 00022


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