LEMON school

Why sign up for a private school? 


Are you disappointed with ordinary schools ? 

National evaluations in elementary school and international studies show that more and more pupils fail in school. 

Two reasons : exclusion of pupils with difficulties and capping of pupils' capacities in order to reach one unique learning goal. 

 And above all does your child want to go to school ? Does he or she find it interesting ? 

LEMON is for you!


LEMON is a private and secular school which aims to welcome every child without social or school results and without judgement.  

And the most important thing: your child is going to enjoy working on projects and learning in a way that makes sense to them. 

The key points of our commitment

                     English beginning in pre-elementary school and bilingualism in elementary school

- 6 working periods and 4 days a week of school, for better learning and respect of the child's rhythm.


- multi levels to enrich communication


                     Taking into account each child individually and ensuring his or her constant progress.

                                        There is no "one-size fits all" level for all children. 

- A school offering extra-curricular school activities which respond to parents' work constraints. 


- Teaching based on new technologies


- Adding meaning to learning by offering educational projects


                     A school available to children from two years old and a school that prepares children

                     to succeed in private or public high school.



A team


​The success of the school requires a united and motivated team. Staff recruitment is based on adhesion to the general educational project and a complete commitment to pupils. 


Nous Contacter : 

LEMON - école

5 rue Robert Schuman
77330 Ozoir la Ferrière

​Téléphone : ​

Email : lemonecole77@gmail.com


N° SIRET: 814 437 703 00022


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