LEMON elementary school has as its general purpose teaching children the fundamental of learning: reading, writing and counting. Secondary learning is also important, as well as developing an openness to the world to prepare them to be the citizens of tomorrow. 
As in the pre-elementary school, educational fulfillment is very important.

LEMON uses various learning tools from different educational systems like Dolto and Freinet but also creates its own specialized tools. 

Each child must progress at his or her own rhythm. LEMON is a school for all and adapted to all. It helps children focus on learning and the discovery of the world.  This helps to develop an analytical point of view, to become autonomous, to have and share their opinions in an atmosphere of mutual respect for the opinions of others.  All elementary classes profit from a regular teacher, an specialist assistant in english, an assistant in sports, and other teachers for some projects or specific learning. 


The best of LEMON

- Pupils prepared for public or private high school

- Languages: daily English, bilingual teaching, English field trips, and foreign correspondents 

- Initiation to computer-based tools, acquisition of the French qualification

- Exhibitions, spectacles, movies, collective art, collective projects all along the course of the year with the entire school

- Empowerment of the child in the class and the school

- Weekly work interactions with the other classes

- Unusual and various projects : robotics, balloon making, direction races, specialized sports (hockey, archery...), mathematics challenges... 


Nous Contacter : 

LEMON - école

5 rue Robert Schuman
77330 Ozoir la Ferrière

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N° SIRET: 814 437 703 00022


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