LEMON is relevant to the needs of society.
Each parent is anxious about their child's future : how will my child get the means, the skills and the strength to progress in a professional and social environment that is in constant flux?


LEMON's teaching approach is to lead children to find their own way in the world through a method based on realizing projects. The goal is to get pupils to become independent, thoughtful and cooperative. They have to be responsible for their own learning.


Each pupil, with their specific rhythm, will develop the universal skills of reading, writing, counting, memorizing, producing, analyzing, thinking, searching, asking, learning foreign languages and common culture.


LEMON's commitment is to make each pupil responsible for his or her own learning.





In all classes, teachers work around projects and themes to put pupils in new but concrete learning situations. From an early age pupils learn to live together and to face new situations.


Recognizing that each pupil has their own history, teachers allow the pupil time to be a part of the collective action of the class and help them gain confidence. Teachers present various and suitable activities to advance the progress of the pupils. Taking into account the pupils' diversity is essential to LEMON because its first mission is to be a school for everyone!

To reach these goals the most important thing is for each child to be motivated to learn. If they feel motivated, school activities will mean something and the pupil will be ready to learn and engage.  

Teachers have to build situations in which each child can take initiative, and to make decisions on what they are going to learn. The program is based on a reinforced English learning since this is the first class and also on multidisciplinary projects that make sense for each pupil.



The staff has worked in French public schools and have seen the limits and problems of a single pedagogy for all, especially for children with difficulties or children with advanced skills.
Creating a strong link between the staff and families is essential in creating the ideal conditions for each child's individual flourishing.


The experience of the teachers, their openness to different teaching methods, their dynamism and their desire to see children succeed create an environment in which pupils learn with pleasure and develop good work habits.


From the beginning, pupils are regularly evaluated according to their own rhythm and results are given to parents through quarterly school reports. Each one is composed of detailed and personal comments based on competencies and difficulties.

The child's work is always progressing, he or she must not feel that they are a failure.
In this sense, every assessment will be based on "acquired", "being acquired" and "not yet acquired" skills.

During the last two years of LEMON, pupils will  be evaluated to validate a skill. Usual scores will appear by that time, not before, in order to prepare the for high school. In LEMON's school, mistakes help children see where they have to progress and improve--they do not lead to punishment!

By the end of their time at LEMON, each child will be prepared to continue their studies in private or public school.



The priority for LEMON is not to lead pupils to the same end, but to guarantee individual progress and achievements, regardless of their starting point.  


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